Allied Member


You will receive the social benefits of a standard AIA East Tennessee Member. As an Allied Member, you are eligible to serve on the board of directors (two allied positions available) and on one of the many AIA committees/subcommittees, where you will work with our members on a social level. You can attend any AIA sponsored event or chapter lunch for the same cost as a standard member. You can play in the AIA volleyball league, your name will be displayed on the AIA East Tennessee website.



Medallion Level Partnerships

Level up to Platinum, Gold, or Silver and get recognized all year long! Paid commitments by January 10th, 2020 will maximize their sponsorship exposure.

Platinum $7,500 and above
Gold $5,000 and above
Silver $2,500 and above

In-Kind Sponsorships

We can not do it without you. Let us know if you are interested in trading in-kind services for partnership.