• Allied Member


    Allied Membership is available to individuals who are employed outside of architectural practice, ie: engineers, interior designers, product representatives, etc. Allied Members are eligible to serve on the board of directors (two allied positions available) or on one of the many AIA ETN committees or subcommittees, where you will work with our professional members.  You can attend AIA ETN events for the same cost as a standard member. Best of all, your name will be displayed on the AIA East Tennessee website.

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  • Host the AIA


    For one year this partner will host the AIA East Tennessee office. The chapter’s Executive will work out of your office. AIA East Tennessee will hold monthly board meetings in your space guaranteeing continuous exposure and interaction with prominent design professionals from our region. AIA East Tennessee will provide its own computer, phone, software, and office supplies. The Host will furnish a workstation, conference room, internet access, parking for the Executive and pay all overhead such as rent and utilities. The office must be in Knox County, Tennessee and have sufficient conference space/parking for meetings of 15 – 20 people. This will be an auction process with no set starting bid. As bids are submitted, all bidders will be notified so that they may decide whether to raise their own bid or not. Bids will be received until December 31, 2022. The winning bidder will be notified by January 20, 2023. The in-kind value of the office space provided, the bid amount, and partnership opportunities purchased for the upcoming year will all be considered together, so that the winning bidder will receive appropriate benefits. Submit bids and questions via email to [email protected]

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