2023 Board of Directors

The AIA East Tennessee Board of Directors governs the overall execution of the organization’s mission. Principally, the Board manages organizational finances and sets long term priorities for programs. Overall, the members of the Board contribute professional, management, educational, and financial skills needed to ensure long term organizational stability and ensure year-to-year excellence for its membership.

Board of Directors

Cody Rau, AIA

Megan Chafin, AIA
President Elect
Jason Cole, AIA
Steven Whitmore, AIA
Josh Shaffer, AIA
Immediate Past President
Cameron Bolin, AIA
Director At Large

Kevin Chamberlin, AIA
Director At Large

Jeremiah Corbett, AIA
Director At Large
Justin Hare, Assoc. AIA
Director At Large
Drew Newman, AIA
Director At Large
Kelley Ogilvie Hicks, AIA
Director At Large
Tricia Stuth, FAIA
Director At Large
Uwe Rothe, AIA
Director At Large

Advisory Directors

Mindy Landry, Allied Member
Advisory Director
Delaney Warren, Allied Member
Advisory Director
Laura Miller, AIAS
Advisory Director
Singwei “Joey” Ling, NOMAS
Advisory Director
David Draper
Board Advisor

Component Executive

Jen McMahon
Component Executive

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Component Executive of AIA East Tennessee is responsible for managing operations and directing strategic initiatives for the professional society. The individual is a resource for volunteer leaders regarding the implementation of best practices, generation of new ideas, and effective execution of shared goals. The AIA East Tennessee Component Executive is a strong advocate to the broader public for members, the American Institute of Architects, and the profession of architecture.

Jen’s Bio:

Jen comes to us with over a decade of nonprofit experience, database management, and more.

Jen is active in the community through their membership with Alliance for Better Nonprofits, and by serving on United Way of Knoxville’s Community Food Security Committee, YWCA Equity Taskforce, and University of Tennessee’s Consortium for Social Enterprise Effectiveness. Outside of the 9-5 business day, you’ll find Jen hiking in the mountains and biking around town with her husband and her one-and-a-half-year-old son. When she’s not with her family, Jen loves to choreograph for local artists, paint, grow food in her garden, and assist local mutual aid groups with planning community events.

You can reach Jen via email at [email protected] and by phone (865) 657-5003.

Join The Board

When you serve on the board, you have the honor, challenge, and responsibility of understanding how everything needs to work together for an organization to accomplish its goals. Other reasons to serve are:

  • You get a valuable seat behind the wheel of a major organization, and you play a key role in strategizing. Your voice will be heard—and it has impact. You’ll hear the impactful voices of others, too. And, you’ll bring your own valuable talents, passions, and areas of expertise. You’ll open eyes and your eyes will be opened.
  • Serving on the board is powerful way to build your own skills and expertise, as well as develop and grow as a leader, cultivate new skill sets, and expand your network of peers, professionals, community leaders, and community thought leaders.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn about dealing with others as it relates to issues of leadership, finance, and other business areas. This experience of working with others in different areas will teach you about diplomacy.

Place yourself in the forefront of AIA and the profession, advance your career, get networked, and be an agent for change in collaboration with your peers. Look out for a Call for Applications in late summer every year.

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Past Presidents

AIA East Tennessee Presidents 2022 – 1954

2022 Josh Shaffer, AIA

2021 Michael Davis, AIA

2020 Dianna Osickey, AIA

2019 Lisa Hoskins, AIA / Dianna Osickey, AIA

2018 Richard Foster, AIA

2017 Josh Wright, AIA

2016 Brian Pierce, AIA

2015 Robin McAdoo, AIA

2014 John Thurman, AIA

2013 John Sanders, AIA

2012 Kelly Headden, AIA

2011 Greg Campbell, AIA

2010 Brian McDonald, AIA

2009 David Collins, AIA

2008 Jacene England, AIA

2007 Brian Ewers, AIA

2006 Gregor Smee, AIA

2005 Michael Brady, AIA

2004 George Ewart, AIA

2003 Frank Sparkman, AIA

2002 Grant Tharp, AIA

2001 Margaret Butler, AIA

2000 Scott Busby, AIA

1999 Bob Proctor, AIA

1998 John Sicard, AIA

1997 David Hutchins, AIA

1996 Daryl Johnson, AIA

1995 David S. Collins, AIA

1994 Jeffrey D. Johnson, AIA

1993 David R. Mixon, AIA

1992 David Wooley, AIA

1991 Jennifer Martella, AIA

1990 Allan Cox, AIA

1988 Manuel D. Herz, AIA

1987 Duane Grieve, AIA

1986 Douglas McCarty, AIA

1985 Thomas Worden, AIA

1984 Donald Shell, AIA

1983 Marvin Johnston, AIA

1982 Glenn Lindsay, AIA

1981 Charles Ross, AIA

1980 Charles Smith, AIA

1979 Jerry Bond, AIA

1978 Eugene Burr, AIA

1977 William Ambrose III, AIA

1976 Richard Eckert, AIA

1975 A. Larry Binkley, AIA

1974 George Allan, AIA

1973 Edward Thomas, AIA

1972 James Kaatz, AIA

1970 Bruce McCarty, FAIA

1969 William Earle White, AIA

1968 Gordon Mynatt, III, AIA

1967 Robert Holsaple, AIA

1966 Raymond Guay, AIA

1965 Francis Painter, Jr., AIA

1964 Benjamin McMurry Jr., AIA

1963 James Morton, AIA

1962 Clark Sweetser, AIA

1961 Carl Maples, AIA

1960 Charles Lindsay, AIA

1959 Milton Robelot, AIA

1958 David Liberman, AIA

1957 Will Griffin, AIA

1956 Milton Robelot, AIA

1955 Joseph R. Passonneau, AIA

1954 Richard Bagwell, AIA

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