Member Resources

Resources for Members:

Knowledge Communities

  • Academy of Architecture for Health AAH 
  • Academy of Architecture for Justice AAJ 
  • Building Performance BPKC 
  • Committee on Architecture for Education CAE
  • Committee on Design COD 
  • Committee on the Environment COTE 
  • Construction Contract Administration CCA
  • Corporate Architects and Facility Management CAFM
  • Custom Residential Architects Network CRAN
  • Design for Aging DFA 
  • Historic Resources Committee HRC
  • Housing and Community Development HCD
  • Interfaith Design ID
  • Interior Architecture Knowledge Community IAKC
  • Practice Management Knowledge Community PMKC 
  • Project Delivery Knowledge Community PD 
  • Public Architects Committee PA
  • Regional and Urban Design RUDC
  • Retail and Entertainment REC
  • Small Project Design SPD
  • Technology in Architectural Practice TAP 

Member Groups

AIA East Tennessee

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