• AIA Golf Tournament -Snack Sponsor

    Golf Tournament

    Sponsor the bottled water and snacks each player receives in their event bags! Your company’s name and logo will be highlighted at the water cooler and in goodie bags, as well as mentioned in promotional e-mails and social media. Nice for remote sponsors!

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  • Technical Session Host Sponsor

    Program Sponsorship

    Your company presents during one of our tech programs in the Tri-Cities area. Lunch is included for you and two associates.  You may bring a display, put information on the table, and showcase your products in the banquet room.  Selection of the month is on a first-come, first-served basis. This program is conducted on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, except for January, June, July, October, and December.

    Let us know if your company will provide the educational credit or presentation to ensure you are not scheduled during one of our previously scheduled speakers.

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  • AIA Golf Tournament – Host Sponsor

    Golf Tournament

    Be the Presenting Sponsor for AIA East Tennessee’s longest-running event. Your company’s logo will be prominently displayed at the event registration table, in promotional e-mails and social media. You will also receive one (1) Hole Sponsorship and one (1) Team registration at the event.

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  • Volleyball Tournament Host- Beverage Sponsor


    With as many as 20 teams participating and an impressive number of groupies watching, your company will have a guaranteed audience for our ONE DAY Tournament. You can sponsor the beverages (sports drinks and water) and we’ll do the shopping for you–you show up for the day and be the hero to the approximately 90 players and their fan base! (Yes, there is a significant fan base!)

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  • [Knoxville] by Design – Foundation Sponsor

    Knoxville By Design

    Reserved for architectural firms. Be a foundation sponsor of all the [Knoxville] By Design events. Your company’s name will appear on the website, social media posts, and all printed material for our month-long celebration!

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  • AIA ThunderBowl- Beverage Sponsor


    It’s back!  A 1-night bowling tournament! Be the sponsor of the drink tickets for Thunder Bowl.  Your company name and logo will be on every drink ticket and your logo will be on the registration sign.  A great way to participate, particularly if you don’t trust yourself heaving a 4-pound spherical object down a sixty-foot plank floor.

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  • AIA-S Lunch Sponsorship


    Reserved for architectural firms to sponsor the AIA-S at DesignFeed!  Your sponsorship will allow up to 10 AIA-Student members to attend a DesignFeed free of charge.  What student isn’t on a budget and doesn’t love a free meal?  Your architectural firm will be: 

    • Acknowledged from the podium at the meeting.
    • Reserved table at the front of the room.
    • Pairing of speaker/month will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
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  • AIA Golf Tournament – Beverage Cart Sponsor

    Golf Tournament

    Sponsor the Beverage Cart. Your company’s name and logo will be on each drink ticket the players receive and have a sign on the cart. One representative may ride with the Egwani Farms staff member in the cart to deliver drinks. Additionally, Beverage Cart Sponsors will receive one (1) team for the event.

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  • AIA Golf Tournament – Driving Range Sponsor

    Golf Tournament

    Sponsor the driving range to be used by players before the Golf Tournament. Your company logo will appear at the driving range, your company will be mentioned in promotional e-mails and social media, and you will receive a lunch and snack voucher.