Architect Memberships

The AIA offers four categories of architect membership, detailed below.


Currently licensed to practice architecture in a U.S. State or Territory. Proof of current license must be furnished to complete membership processing.


Not licensed to practice architecture, but meeting one of the following:

  • Participate in career responsibilities recognized by licensing authorities as constituting credit toward licensure (i.e., interns)
  • Are under the supervision of an architect in a professional or technical capacity.
  • Are a faculty member in a university program in architecture.
  • Hold a professional degree in architecture.

International Associate

Holder of an architecture license or equivalent from a non-U.S. licensing authority, but without license in the U.S.


An AIA member for 15 successive years and 70 years of age, or 60 years of age and fully retired, or incapacitated so as to be unable to work within the profession.


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